About Uchiyama Marketing & Development America LLC

Uchiyama Marketing & Development America LLC is located in Novi, Michigan and belongs to the Uchiyama Group headquartered in Okayama, Japan.
We design, evaluate, and sell automobile parts such as gaskets and seals.
Our company does business with many automakers around the world, and are constantly evolving in search of people, work and product evolution.
We aim to do high quality work in a comfortable working environment, so that our customers will be satisfied

DetailsPermanent full-time

Location :

46805 Magellan Drive, Novi, MI 48377

Job Title :

Account Engineer (Entry Level)

About the Position

Manage accounts with different customers including major OEMs (GM, Honda, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota, etc.) as well as Tier1 customers, responsible for supporting customer purchasing and engineering in both the development stage and mass production stage.

  1. Develops and maintains customer relationships especially with engineering and purchasing departments.
  2. Consults with clients to assess and understand application needs and assembly validation requirements. Communicate with team locally and globally to fulfill quotation and cost estimate needs.
  3. Supports design and testing team in customer design review and validation meetings. Drafts or assists with the drafting of develop technical presentation and other documentation and materials that explain products and services to customers.
  4. Support related activities at development stage for APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) for multiple OEMs. Prepares product orders and delivery schedules. Coordinate with production control team during new product launching.
  5. Leads in sales plan and forecast activities for responsible customer accounts.
  6. Provides support to customers and communicate when quality issue occurs coordinate customer claims with internally quality team and manufacturing sites. Understand interim and permanent corrective actions to prevent recurrence, monitor and ensure the effectiveness, and keep quality records.
  7. Performs other duties as assigned.


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