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Established in 2014, UMD serves as the developmental base located in Detroit. UMD has sought to be a leader in creative innovation that focuses on the development, production and sales in a unified fashion.


Head Office 46805 Magellan Dr. Novi, Michigan 48377
Established Jun 6, 2014
Paid-up Capital US$ 500,000
Employees 27 (Michigan) 5 (Mexico Sales Branch)
Sales US$ 103,000,000(2021)
Products Seals & gaskets for the automotive industry and other general industries purposes
Board of Directors CEO Taizo Uchiyama
Contact Phone:248-859-3986   FAX:248-859-3985

Company History of UMC in North America and South America

1975 Established “Uchiyama America, Inc.” in New Jersey.
1997 Moved “Uchiyama America, Inc.” to Goldsboro, NC and started US production.
2014 Established “Uchiyama Marketing & Development America LLC” in Detroit, MI for product development and sales.
Established “Uchiyama Manufacturing America LLC” to take over the production business of Uchiyama America, Inc. in Goldsboro, NC.
2016 Established a sales company, “Uchiyama Sudamérica SRL” in Asuncion, Paraguay.
2017 Established a branch sales office of “Uchiyama Marketing & Development America LLC” in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico.
2021 Established a group company “Uchiyama Manufacturing de Yucatan” in Yucatan, Mexico.

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